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                                         - Shoden-Reiki 1 [Beginning Lessons]  /  

                                            okuden-reiki ii [hidden lessons] and

                                            shinpiden [mystery lessons] reiki Iii 

Decision made on an individual basis regarding the offering all levels of:  Usui / Holy Fire reiki (R) / KARUNA hOLY fIRE


​Class dates for all levels of Reiki at Dream Heart Services are located on the Events 2018 page of this site) Universal Life Force Energy
... a connection with "Spirit"
...relieves stress and pain
...encourages deep relaxation
...accelerates natural healing
...stimulates the immune system
...balances subtle body energies
...can be used in conjunction with any other therapeutic modality effective on chronic and acute illness or injury
...uses light touch or laying on of the hands completely safe and does no harm 
...can be easily learned an effective tool for self-care   


SHODEN REIKI 1 [beginning lessons]

Classes continue to be available as a 1:1 learning experience by special arrangement [at a premium tuition rate] but are regularly offered in Small group class environment  - Scheduled as 2 day experience with attendance at both days required.                                                                                                      Time for all classes: 9:45am gathering with class 10:00am- 5:00pm  

OKUDEN REIKI 2  [hidden lessons]

Classes are offered as stated in the Events section of this site. A minimum of four-six months is recommended following Reiki 1 attunement in order to register for Reiki 2. This requirement is to insure an opportunity for adjustment to the energies of Reiki 1 and integration of the skills learned and establishment of a personal Reiki practice.

Reiki 3 - shinpiden [mystery lessons] [with post class work as teacher prep]

Master information can be found on the Schedule page of this website. This Advanced Reiki Techniques - Master class is offered at Dream Heart Services as of November 1, 2018, One must be attuned minimally as a Reiki 2 practitioner for 6 months. If one is already attuned as Usui Reiki Master there is no time requirement but a consultation/conference is recommended. Presentation of one's most advanced certification is required when submitting the class registration form.


Christine can be found on the following practitioners directories:     

Christine is certified as Shinpidin Reiki 3,   Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki(R) and Karuna Reiki (R)  Master Teacher Practitioner. She is actively working on her own healing so as to embody and fully express the essence of Reiki in everything that she does. 

*Member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP) 
*Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training Association. (ICRT)

​*Membership in the Shimbumi International Reiki Association (pending)

Call: (847) 420-2797     

This Reiki Master-Teacher / Practitioner feels that Reiki should never be denied due to lack of funds, Tradition requires some form of energy exchange. If there is a financial hardship, let's explore alternatives. Scholarships are available on a  ONE TIME limited basis.[There are established guidelines in place regarding 1/3 Pay it Forward Scholarships]                                                         .

Reiki session- What to expect:

The client is welcomed into the healing space and generally reclines on a massage table during the Reiki session. The client is encouraged to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing, remains fully clothed except for the removal of shoes. The therapist uses intuitive guidance and a series of traditional hand positions with light touch (or above the body positioning if the client is uncomfortable with light touch.) The traditional positions begin with the head and proceed down and around the body.  The client turns face down and the therapist continues work on the client's body. Adjustments are made as the client's health condition and comfort level dictate. Music and aromatherapy may also be a part of the experience. There is no manipulation of the body as in massage. No health advise is given. The therapist is a conduit for life force energy and uses intuitive skills in being guided to spend greater time in areas of the body where energy is most needed.  At the very least, the client experiences deep relaxation, which facilitates the body - mind - spirit's ability to heal.

Time frame:

50-70 minutes (plus additional welcoming time and transition time at the session's conclusion) Clients are are asked to complete a New Client Form and Disclaimer Note before a session begins.  These forms will be emailed or mailed or provided before the session, usually at the confirmation of scheduling.


At the home-office of Christine Lassota in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.  Arrangements can be made for providing Reiki for Hospice patients, hospitalized or homebound individuals and others. There is an additional travel distance / time fee as a part of services beyond the Rolling Meadows location.

Sessions by appointment- 
Call (847) 420-2797 

Energy Exchange: 

The regular energy exchange fee for a single Reiki session is  $65 (a fee to be increased to $70 effective June 1, 2018]. [A three session commitment is encouraged - Pre-payment of a 3 session packages reduces the fee per session.]  Ask about the special multi-sessions packet availability ends May 31, 2018.  [The current three session pre-paid bundle discount is $175 which is a savings of $20. Bundle arrangements already made will be honored ] 


a service fee adjustment is effective June 1, 2018 for NEW CLIENTS this is a first increase since 2012- 

Single sessions become $70  - Every fourth session is offered at 1/2 price. 

There have been no session increases over the past 10+ years.]

Self care is extremely important and this Reiki practitioner encourages and is monthly open to a limited number of  "Reiki Exchange" experiences with other practitioners each month.  Call to set up an "EXCHANGE".

Treat yourself to the experience of a Reiki session 

Consider taking a Reiki class 

[ Class descriptions above and schedule of all dates in the EVENTS section of this website - 1-1 Instruction offered by individual arrangement.]
*     Learn self-treatment
*     Learn treatment for friends and family
*     Learn the Reiki treatment and spiritual system to establish or expand your own healing practice   


Call Christine 
(847) 420-2797  
or email her at 


in any denomination are available and applicable to self-care treatments or classes or Dream Heart Creation cards.  Treat yourself or someone you love/respect with a Dream Heart Gift certificate.

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