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Munay Ki - Shamanic Work

Call Christine (847) 420-2797 
to have a conversation about these options:   
Journey work 
Dream work
Energy clearing - [Personal and structural]
Soul retrieval
Spiritual Mentoring
Meditation and Breath-work

Munay Ki Rites  of initiation [Peruvian / Q'ero shamanic rites]

These Rites of Initiation have already been made available thru DHS to interested persons since  2015. Dates for 2017 are currently set with a revised brochure / registration form NOW AVAILABLE... Call (847) 420-2797 for Information brochure and registration form.   This is a FREE offering but a refundable deposit is required to hold one's seat as places are limited. DHS is open to receiving offerings that honor the sacredness of the space and time and materials provided.  Beyond the 3 initial meetings to provide mentoring and the initiation to the nine rites, there is an opportunity to participate in a mentoring/protégé training session.  As of Friday June 16 Munay Ki Rites of Initiation in 2017 are by individual arrangement..

​Choices of Dates for the various initiations to the Rites follow: note that times scheduled vary

Rites 1 - 4   [all Rites 1-4 sessions 10am-4pm with 1/2 hour bring your lunch to eat in]  all previously scheduled 2017 dates have passed - note that private work can be scheduled

Rites 5-6     Note that all 2017 group dates have passed.  Individual work can be scheduled

​Rites 7-8-9 and Closing Fire Ceremony ​ Scheduled dates have passed... Individual arrangements are welcomed