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An intuitive reading can provide perspective on possibilities and probabilities.  

Enjoy and have FUN with the process.

My philosophy in approaching intuitive readings, tarot, Medicine Cards, Shamanic Wisdom Cards, Angel or Oracle Cards (in general), Pendulum work and other divination tools follows:

An intuitive reading can/should be viewed as a guidance- personal growth tool to re-examine one's life. 

When a reading is done using cards or any other tool, the cards do not definitively say/predict what will be. The cards rather speak to what the universe knows/senses.  

You are encouraged to listen to your own intuitive feelings regarding what you hear. Many describe that listening process as being aware of the "ah ha" or "wow, that is so right on" reaction.  

Each card in a chosen spread addresses a particular aspect of a person's life. What is written / spoken may come from one or more cards.  As you listen, you are encouraged to  feel free in expressing what rings true to you (or not).  

Other questions may arise and can be addressed with another type of spread (if cards are being used) or with additional cards.

Sometimes the inquirer may articulate one question but really have another question or concern in his heart.

Most of the time the cards seem to address the issue at the core of a person's being and experience even if it isn't the question asked.

Write or ask for Birthday Month Reading details. 
Special rates apply only to readings at Christine's home office and phone readings.                                                                                                                                                      The Birthday Spread
is a 5 card GIFT to self - is a look

at the Past year

at "Let Go of This"...
at the "GIFT" of this day...
at "Embrace This"
and with an eye to the "Next Year"


Christine is available for intuitive Readings at most of the 

​Beginning in 2018  if there are 5 Saturdays in a month the Psychic Fairs will be on the Third Saturday and continue otherwise to be on the Second and Last Saturdays.
1764 W. Algonquin Rd 
(ForestView Plaza)
Hoffman Estates, Illinois
[See "Events 2018" page for dates.]

Readings begin at 11:30 a.m. and continue until 5:00pm on a first come basis.
Call Styx & Stonz (847) 358-9975 for additional information.

Christine is available as an intuitive reader for house parties and corporate events.

Arrangements can be made for intuitive readings at the Dream Heart Services office in Rolling Meadows by calling (847) 420-2797 or sending an email to
Pre-paid phone readings are also possible.