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Christine Lassota, CH
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Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists 

Listed on the Registered List of Wellness Practitioners at

Hypnosis is not intended to replace medical or psychological treatment, but rather to compliment it.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis...

Now available to the public ALSO- formerly only available to Christine's Hypnotherapy clients - 
Self-Hypnosis for Self-love / Self-acceptance" 

In this approximately 20 minute self hypnosis CD  Christine leads you to a relaxed trance state and helps you focus on thought patterns that encourage you to be gentle with your self, to love yourself.  

The ambient background music is one of Christine's favorite and offers flowing, soothing piano, guitar and ambient sounds.  A Theta frequency is mixed into the sound track allowing the listener to enter a deep state of relaxing hypnosis.  

Call to order


What is your health and well-being worth to you?

Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation - CELEBRATE FREEDOM FROM SMOKING


"Being smoke free, I find that I breathe more comfortably.  I already know an end to wheezing and coughing.

I am putting the same amount of $$per day that I was spending on cigarettes into a "coffee can" and looking forward to finding a new way to enjoy that "found money".  

Changing this challenging habit is something I needed to do for myself.  I am feeling confident in my ability to recognize my stressors and to make different choices.  

I am a believer in the value and effectiveness of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation.  

The cravings are few and far between and I came away with the willingness and with the tools to continue being successful in kicking the habit.  

I am really seeing this as a gift to myself.  I am now a non-smoker! ." 
- E.M.L. - formerly of Arlington Heights, IL

Choose to more fully enjoy your life! 

Experience hypnotherapy - use the techniques to learn to create a happier, healthier, more balanced life.  
Begin by choosing your goal... 
* Successfully STOP Smoking Completely
* Freedom from nicotine's grip
* Freedom from related emotional/stress eating     
   following quiting smoking         
* Relaxation for Stress Reduction                    
* A Jump Start for a Healthier Life
* If you currently smoke a pack/day, you spend 
  an average of $70-$90/week or more depending on where you reside and purchase
- Start planning how you will enjoy the extra $$$ when this gripping habit is eliminated.   

What:  THREE sessions and a reinforcement CD

When: By individual arrangement - Weekday and some Saturday sessions available.     

Enrollment Fee: $255 for Smoking Cessation Program personalized for your benefit.
Contact by phone: (847) 420-2797

Hypnosis for 
Body Image Improvement / Weight Management - CELEBRATE


"I find myself being more mindful in my approach to meal and snacking choices... 

While I may still occasionally buy things I've always craved in the past, I am aware that I literally forget that those snack items are even in the house and therefore don't "go there". 

Am still challenged when it comes to exercise, but am more inclined to do things like park further way so that I do more walking.  I also find myself walking with a lighter feeling to my steps."
J.M. - Schaumburg, IL

Choose to more fully enjoy your life! 

Experience hypnotherapy - use the techniques you learn to create a happier, healthier, more balanced life. 

Begin by choosing your goal... 


* Change body image self-judgments
* Successful weight management
* Freedom from caffeine / sugar / food cravings 
* Freedom from emotional / stress eating
* Making mindfulness and being in the "now" a greater part of your life
* Relaxation for Stress Reduction 
* A Jump Start for a Healthier Life
What: FIVE individual sessions extended over 5 weeks (or over a maximum of 10weeks) and a reinforcement CD

When: By individual arrangement - Weekday and some Saturday sessions available. 

CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE SESSIONS  - This is a six week program Call for Enrollment Fee information

Contact Christine by phone: (847) 420-2797



Understanding Your Personality Type  ​TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

Come away with practical strategies for letting go of troublesome habits, improving relationships and increasing personal freedom.

Using the Riso-Hudson Enneagram questionnaire:

 *    Identify your core personality type and your 
 *    Gain insight to maximize your potential and 
       minimize predictable pitfalls.
 *    Gain revealing insights into the deep motivation, 
       fears and desires of your core type.
The Enneagram will provide useful guidance for further "personal growth work and healing" using hypnotherapy.
Call (847) 420-2797 to schedule individual consultation by personal appointment ($95/hour - note that the taking of the test, the scoring and the follow up is a 3 hour process)



can improve your life experience include but are not limited to:

 * peace of mind (overcoming anxiety and phobias)
 * pre/post surgery relaxation
 * pain control
 * past life regression
 * performance enhancement - be that business
   goals/public speaking / test-ing / confidence
   (being in the zone) for sports enhancement
 - elimination of aversions, elimimation or
   control of compulsive behaviors
Schedules a free 30 minute consultation. 

During the consulation, decide for yourself if hypnosis is right for you.
Refocus your mind-body-spirit energy.

Enjoy a stronger sense of SELF.
Hypnosis is a therapeutic experience which enables you to feel good about your life and your choices.
Learn gentle deep relaxation techniques that encourage healing and personal empowerment. 

All hypnosis 
is self-hypnosis.