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Events 2018

Where to find Christine:

  • at her home office/ healing room in rolling meadows, il for sessions, classes, consultations, intuitive readings

  • at sites associated with community education district 214 for classes

  • at Styx & stonz in Hoffman estates, il intuitive readings and energy work sessions ie. reiki and chakra balancing

  • on the road locally for corporate and private events requiring her services

  • in nature where she is focused on her self care including meditation, journeying, breath and dream work, reading and just 'Being"

For sure you can contact her by text, phone, email, facebook to schedule private in person  by phone intuitive reading times - publically connect with her at STYX&Stonz in Hoffman estates,

Events Date and Descriptions are listed below:

Intuitive Readings and Reiki / Chakra Balancing / Dreamwork consults

Reiki Classes - All Levels

Reiki Shares and annual Reiki Retreat, Shamanic Healing Sessions and Munay Ki Rites dates are on the Munay Ki Tab page

​Found at dream heART STUDIO tab - dates for Art related classes/experiences

2018 Psychic Fests at Styx  & Stonz in Hoffman Estates, IL

11:30 - 5:00  

No appointments necessary.

Register and pay for service of choice, put your name on the readers list - customers are serviced on a first come first serviced basis 

Saturday June 9 [3rd Saturday}

Saturday, July 14  [Tent event possibly on the third Saturday]

​Saturday, August 11

​Saturday, September 15 [3rd Saturday]

Saturday, October 13

​Saturday, November 10

​Saturday, December 15

Intuitive Guidance or Intuitive Readings can be arranged at the Dream Heart Service office  or phone and even via email. (847) 420-2797

Reiki ShareS are scheduled MONTHLY on the 2018 calendar

June 9 Saturday

July 22 Sunday

September 8 Saturday

​October 20 Saturday

RSVP REQUESTED: Reserve space for you and a friend - Call by 8pm of the evening before a scheduled Share date to state attendance intent. 

(847) 420-2797

or email: dreamsdoc@comcast.net

or PM on Face Book; Christine Lassota or

                                   Dream Heart Services or

                                   Reiki from a Compassionate Heart

*     This is a self-care and community building opportunity for practitioners at all levels and lineages.

*     Reiki Shares provide an opportunity to explore and express commitment to Reiki, to deepen practice and to become aware of the desire or need for further training. 

*     Reiki share/healing circles can also provide a safe space for the curious to receive more information and to experience Reiki for the first time. Such Reiki Shares offer an initial opportunity for acutely or chronically ill individuals to experience the healing effects of Reiki.

*     Participants are asked to contribute a $5 offering to honor the sacredness of the gathering space. The group contributions become part of DHS charitable contribution or scholarship fund.


REIKI CLASSES at Dream Heart Services

Reiki I Class and Initiation  Small Group classes are schedule  monthly.

Where: Held at the Dream Services Office in Rolling Meadows, IL [Saratoga Condominiums]
(nearest cross streets: Algonquin Road just west of New Wilke Road).  

Class Dates  - all reiki classes SINCE Mid-JULY 2017 are traditional Japanese ART OF REIKI rather than any westernized style....
​LEVEL 1 Shoden - Beginning Lessons - [all are sat/sun events]

​​June 9th and 10th

During June / July /August - Class dates are private or scheduled as interest is expressed

September 8th and 9th

​October 20th and 21st

November - to be determined

​December - a during the week class in the time between Christmas and New Year is being considered.

What will you learn /experience in shoden Reiki 1?

    * History of Reiki
    * Reiki as Hands on Healing and as spiritual (personal growth and healing) practice
    * Precepts/Principles of Reiki    
    * Self Care - Hand positions for self and the importance of intuition    
    * Introduction to basics of Earth Ki, Heaven Ki and Heart Key energy .
    * Introduction to breath-work and meditation
    * Hand positions for others
    * How to apply your new Reiki skills to every day life

Energy exchange/tuition fee : $195 - 

this is a small group class  

A SHODEN-Reiki Level 1 Class for students new to Dream Heart Services / Christine Lassota are required to take the full 2 day class. The fee for this option is the full $195

​Individuals who have studied at DHS and experienced any level 1 class of any lineage are encourage to consider re-taking or re-sitting Level 1 In this non-westernized form, 

2 day re-take / re-sit options follows the monthly two day schedule above.

2 day re-sit/ review options

One day resit experiences are only scheduled in July and August of 2018. T

he special one day "resit/review"  has an adjusted tuition fee of $

[1:1 PRIVATE Instruction can be made with individual contract set]

Small Group Class: 

* Over 1 or 2 class days: 10-12 hours instruction time, and attunement [attendance on both days is required if the class is scheduled as a two day event.

*  certificate suitable for framing. 
* Instructional materials to start or add to you personal/professional library includes-
           - Binder Manual: (IHR Shoden Reiki 1 and additional printed material from IHR )
           - 1 1/2 hour individual conference appointment scheduled post class 

​           - Information and guidance in procuring "Reiki Medications for Self Healing"

either in 2CD or download forms.- which ever best fits student life

- Invitation to the regularly scheduled Reiki Share / Exchange events
           - Invitation to participate in the DHS Annual Reiki Retreat in August
           - Open invitation to schedule Reiki Exchange sessions

One to One Option (
special circumstances as there is great benefit to group experience) 
          > Instruction time individually arranged to suit your schedule.   
          > time commitment of 10-12 hours required. 
          > time scheduled on 1 1/2 to 3 hour increments over 5 - 7 sessions -                                                    it is possible to do this in 2 days
          > materials and other benefits are the same as listed for the small group class

          > private 1:1 instruction tuition is an additional "love offering" determined by student's heart

* There is always a 1:1 Mentoring session 21 days or more after Reiki 1 attunement to aid in processing the class and post attunement/placements experience. This follow up session is part of the class tuition.

Call (847) 420-2797 to set up a free initial consultation appointment - 

THIS IS NOT 'QUICKY' REIKI - This RMTeacher works best with individuals who are already doing their "work" - who are looking to deepen their personal/ spiritual growth. Support and mentoring BEYOND the scheduled class are key elements to this REIKI learning experience. It is also encouraged that you meet with Christine to determine whether she is the right teacher for YOU.

an early registration incentive is offered... if payment is made in full a week before the first day of class.
ALWAYS feel free to call with questions.
Detailed registration/information form available by email/mail 
or USP  by calling (847) 420-2797 or writing

2 day class Tuition Fee Includes: 

Instruction classroom time (12hours), attunement/initiation/placements

Certificate suitable for framing 
One official International House of Reiki Level Manual 
Additional printed materials and guidance about recommended for one's personal/professional library.       A minimum 21days after the class a 1 1/2  hour follow up mentoring session with scheduling the responsibility of the student.

Information about procuring either a 2CD IHR set titled, Reiki Meditations for Self Healing or the download version 
Invitation to participate in regular Reiki Share self-care /'community building events and to the Annual August Reiki Retreat Day.
* Call (847) 420-2797 to set up an initial consultation appointment. 

OKUDEN Reiki 2 Class - Hidden lessons  REiki 2 Classes are held at Dream Heart Services as one day classes. Schedule is listed in the Class description place

  • [10:00am. - 5:00pm(Registrants are asked to arrive by 9:45)
  • Requirements: prior attunement to Reiki I and mini-consultation before registration if your Reiki I attunement was with someone other than Christne Lassota.
  • Registration deadlines are always the Tuesday before the class date.
  • A non-refundable deposit (but transferable) of $75 and registration form is due by registration deadline. * Call 847-420-2797 to have Registration information form mailed/emailed to you.
  • Tuition: $175 (Register and pay full class tuition by the Monday of the class day and enjoy an early registration bonus reduction to $165) 
  • Auditing / Re-sitting of this class by previously attuned Reiki II practitioners is possible for $85. 
  • includes instruction, printed materials, attunement, certificate and private 1 1/2 hour session after the attunement)
  • On-going mentoring is available to every student by way of individual appointment and encouragment to participate in the monthly Reiki Share events or the arrangement of Exchange experiences..

LEVEL 2  OKUDEN - 2018 dates

​Note:  I am willing to schedule a Reiki 2 class at any time as long as there are a minimum of 2 students.

​​​JUNE: Saturday, June 30th

SEPTEMBER: Sunday, September 23th

OCTOBER: Sunday, October 21st

openness to scheduling 1:1 at other times noting an for tuition that is private instruction.

Decision made regarding:

Usui/Holy Fire Reiki ART (Advance Reiki Techniques) - Master 

as a three day intensive.  will enter into dialogue for private instruction by individual request.
Dream Heart Services will no longer routinely offer Usui Holy Fire Reiki instruction. Christine's choice at this time is a return to and emphasis on the Japanese Art of reiki

Requirements: let's have a conversation about your spiritual practice before determining moving on to a next level with Christine Lassota.

If one intends to teach attendance at an additional Master Practicum is encouraged. Additionally an opportunity is extended to co-teach all three levels and there is always mentoring availability extended to students of Dream Heart Services.
See above for location information.

Energy exchange for art/master class or for shinpiden reiki 3 (TO BE OFFERED AT dHS EARLY IN 2019: $585 ​

The mentoring/internship experience TO QUALIFY STUDENTS AS REIKI MASTER TEACHERS carries with it the expectation that the student will attend and participate in Reiki Master Practicum gatherings: Personal and professional growth opportunities are available in the following ways:

(a) lead a Reiki Share experience and actively participate in a number of Reiki Shares or Reiki

(b) serve as a co-teacher for a Reiki 1 class
(c) serve as a co-teacher for a Reiki 2 class
(d) demonstrate knowledge of Class level attunement/ reiju rituals,
(e) participation in breath-work and attunement practices
(f) take advantage of individual and group mentoring opportunities
(g) be familiar with documentation procedures and have a solid understanding of "limits of practice"
(h) Commit to daily self-care (self-treatment and meditation)
(i) Invest in a sessions work table and business cards
(j) Develop and execute a plan to provide documented treatment for a pre-determined number of persons

Karuna Reiki (R) system was developed by William Lee Rand and the program is taught only by those who are registered with the International Center for Reiki. A registered teacher will have a certificate issued by the center and a registration number. Important FYI: If a teacher is not registered then they are not teaching Karuna Reiki  (R)  

Karuna is a Sanskrit work and is used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Zen.  It is translated to mean any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others and can also be translated as "COMPASSIONATE ACTION". Christine Lassota completed Karuna Reiki (R) Master training on June 4, 2004 with Pamela Arwine  KRMT. Christine's Karuna Reiki (R) certificate number is 84498.  Her certificate is available for verification at Dream Heart Services, Rollilng Meadows, IL. 

A registration form for Karuna Reiki Holy Fire(R) - Compassionate Action Reiki at Dream Heart Services is available via an email request to
DreamsDoc@comcast.netor calling Christine at (847) 420-2797

2018 karuna(R) - Compassionate Action Reiki Classes (going forward this class will be offer as a 3 day experience with days being a minimum of 4 weeks apart):

REQUIREMENT: Participants must be already attuned to the Reiki 3/Reiki Master level
Karuna Reiki (R) 1 Practitioner - TBD 1:00am-6:00pm
Karuna Reiki (R) 2 Practitioner - TBF 10:00am-5:00pm
Karuna Reiki (R) Master/Master Teacher- TBD 10:00am-4:30pm
Karuna Reiki (R) - Compassionate Action Reiki Class Series will be offered annually.                              Dates to be determined and by individual arrangement.

Dream Heart Services is located at Saratoga Condominiums (Lassota Residence) 
All of the roadway within Saratoga is considered Astor Lane. 

Visitor/Guest parking is limited to UN-NUMBERED spaces along Astor Lane and in the area at the far western edge of the parking site near the playground. 

NO Visitor/Guest Pass is required during the day.  

The sign stating that one is required applies only to the period between

12:00 midnight and 7:00 am. 

Reiki  - Shamanic Healing - Consultation - Hypnosis- Personal Empowerment  - Goal-Setting  -  Mentoring - Classes

​H O L I S T I C      W E L L N E S S    ​   S E S S I O N S       A N D      E D U C A T I O N 

​​​Call (847) 420-2797

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