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This new dimension of DREAM HEART SERVICES - a dimension that comes from the rediscovery of an important part of my being... a realization that MY JOY MATTERS and that other concerns had me shelving my artistically creative interests and it was time to reclaim that experience.

In the summer of 2016, a former student [grateful to Megan Burns] who had relocated to Mexico struck a proverbial 'match' by sharing info about an online drawing class - that re-ignited my creative energies.. I enrolled and it at least nudged me in the direction of a resolve to sketch daily.  I committed to that daily activity as part of my spiritual ritual for about 4 months.    During a vacation period, the daily sketching transitioned into an exploration of 'tangling'.... Zentangle(R)   ​

​In early 2017, I returned to the habit of daily sketching with lapses. Then I discovered an 'affirmation drawing' and passage on Pinterest  that touched my soul and became a meditative springboard. My regret is not being able to acknowledge the author. That affirming inspirational bridge is titled... MY JOY MATTERS - I present it here for your inspiration... encouragement... as a way to light YOUR creative fire...

My JOY Matters

My JOY is my guidance system

letting me know where I should go next in life.

​I choose to pay attention

to whatever makes me feel passionate, excited and fully alive.

​I trust in these feelings and follow them

​my heart knows more than my rational mind.

Where have those words taken me? 

To the realization that I had large storage bins filled with a wide variety of creative supplies in my office/healing room closet. We are talking everything from a variety of different pads of drawing and painting papers, multiple sets of pens and markers [calligraphy, gel, metallic, permanent and watercolor markers] and pencils [sketching, watercolor, colored...various sized sets by different manufacturers ], Crayons, oil pastels and soft pastels and charcoal... wood working tools. Multiple sets of brushes, watercolor paints and pallets... unopened sets of acrylic pains... Canvases of various sizes and grades... and more.  A serious reorganization  and investment in more managable containers followed. 

My office / healing room NOW has a dedicated art studio space,

and I am determined to honor my intention to celebrate creative joy. through dream heART STUDIO. - AND IT IS SO!

​​What has already and will continue to blossom out of dream heART STUDIO?​                                                                                                       Note: IN RED...AVAILABLE FOR/TO YOU NOW

  • I enrolled in and completed a ten week Oil Painting Class and I can see spending more time in honing the skills associated with working with that medium.
  • There will a return to the creation of watercolor notecards and the reopening of an online store by the end of December 2017.
  • There will be a return to the creation of notecards showcasing a dabbling in photography. 
  • There are already plans for classes that bring meditation and art together. 
    • "Mandalas: Not Just a Pretty Picture" and "Let's Get Our Tangle On".  . and will be offered at the dream heART STUDIO - Lassota residence, Rolling Meadows  will also be offered during the after the first of January, 2018.  Registration info is available upon request...847-420-2797   When: 
    • ​Mandalas: Not Just a Pretty Picture at home/office: to be determined
    • ​Let's Get Our Tangle On at home/office: to be determined
    • A plan for the development and offering of "HeART and Soul - Creative Collage Oracle Cards" ​set for purchase and as a class experience is on the schedule with a  timeline to be determined by my birthday at the end of March 2018..
    • dream heART STUDIO "Girls" or "Couples" or "Adult Group"  HeART and Soul- Creative Collage Experiences ​can  be scheduled as "in one's home" or other location gathering  Arrangement can be made for groups as small as 2 or as large as 10. Call Christine for information and scheduling.

My heart sings and dances in seeing with new eyes

and celebrating the JOY of honoring the divine Creator

and in knowing an even more intimate connection.