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Dream Heart Services is located at

Saratoga Condominiums (Lassota Residence - Unit 205)                       5400 Astor Lane, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
All of the roadway within Saratoga is considered Astor Lane. 

Visitor/Guest parking is limited to UN-NUMBERED spaces along Astor Lane AND in the area at the far western edge of the parking site near the playground and the area near the tennis court and pool..
NO Visitor/Guest Pass is required during the day.  [The sign stating that one is required applies only to the period between 12:00 midnight and 7:00am.] -

Building Directions

  • Enter the middle glass doors of the 5400 building.  Locate the LASSOTA name by scrolling the metal directory in the lobby. Pressing that button will cause the phone in unit to ring.
  • You will be welcomed and buzzed in with a reminder of floor and unit number.
  • Take the hallway to the left and in passing thru the double doors you will find an elevator.
  • Take the elevator to the 2nd Floor and Unit when exiting the elevator is to your right . [info provided in email confirmation]

Contact Information
Information is never sold or shared with anyone outside of Dream Heart Services.  Your privacy is respected and honored. Your information is Certified SECURE.

If you are requesting information or answer to a question you can expect contact in 2-24 hours. 

  • Saturday/Sunday calls/inquiries are returned on Monday morning after 10am.
  • Calls after 5pm are returned after 10am the following day.
  • If you have a "best time to be reached time" please state that when leaving your message.
  • ​Personal calls are answered immediately if I am available and returned more quickly.
  • If I am available to pick up the phone I generally do so... the exception being cases where someone is calling from an out of state number [those are usually sales calls] or from a "blocked" or "no caller id" number.

​Complete and SUBMIT the form below. Know that you can                  always get a more immediate response by calling or texting
(847) 420-2797 or emailing

​​​Call (847) 420-2797