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Community Out Reach


Community Education ​Metaphyical and siritual classes and mentoring.

See the Note at the bottom of the Home Page for information about Community Education District 214 classes for Winter 2018 that are being taught by Christine Lassota and the link to the district online catalog of classes.  Plans are already in place for Spring 2018 tho not yet published. Plans are already being developed for Summer 2018.

NEW - a NOTE about a DHS unique REIKI service :

REIKI TEA AND Words of SUPPORT: Since the end of 2016 and into 2018, is an expansion of a Reiki support via Letters / Notes and Reiki blessed tea - It has been observed "distance Reiki" via the mail can provide a different level of "BEING REIKI" to others. Handwritten notes and cards with tea bags blessed by Reiki during monthly gatherings at the Healing Circle time are enclosed in the personal mailings. [picture to be included here]

Reiki and Compassionate Touch for Hospice and Palliative Care:

-Know that Christine enjoyed a volunteer and part time employment connection with hospice and palliative care patients and their care-givers from 2004 through 2013. That experience in bring Reiki and Compassionate Touch therapies provides the backdrop for continuing to offer those experiences as a consultant. Call for information and to schedule at home / hospital or other setting service.  

Reiki for our World ​Energetic support Distance healing

In addition to a to participate in a Dream Heart Services hosted monthly Reiki Share / Healing Circle, YOU are encouraged to join the Reiki practitioner community in setting the intention and sending Reiki heaing energy for the highest good to the world at 6:00 pm daily.

Know that you can do that by setting the intention in advance should you anticipate being unable to physically join yoir Reiki brothers and sisters at the chosen time.  As it is 6:00 somewhere in the world on am on going basis, the intentional action unites you with those available at the chosen time.  

In recent times, Dream Heart Services offered support to a Palatine, IL Brownie Troup in their efforts to raise funds for St. Jude Research Children's Hospital.  Other assistance has been extended to a disabled young adult seeking greater independence and self-reliance and an older disabled woman needing living assistance.  Also care has been offered to the American Heart Association to the American Cancer Society and Suicide Prevention Walk.  Love offerings received during "Free" events are earmarked for a variety of charitable causes and the DHS Scholarship Fund. This supports the DHS practice mission of "HEALING THE WORLD, ONE HEART AT A TIME."

Breath work: A Balancing Tool

Mastering the technique of Conscious Breathing can be life changing.  Also known as breathe awareness, conscious breathing is practiced in  the world's greatest spiritual traditions and is considered a part of an overall work of spiritual development and awakening.

This process of awareness begins with getting a simple sense of yourself sitting and breathing.  Focused breathing can be instrumental and especially useful in self-healing. A therapeutic program of focused and movement supported breathing, as well as touch supported breathing can be most helpful in opening up the breathing spaces in the body and facilitate healing on a variety of levels.

Breath-work can be employed in conjunction with other therapeutic techniques or as a stand alone modality which allows you to gently raise your awareness and deepen your self-healing experience. 

Anticipate experiencing a collection of six practices and meditations including:

*  Conscious Breathing
*  Six Healing Exhalations
*  The Smiling Breath
*  Expanding Time
*  The Breath of the Heart
*  The Boundless Breath

Breath is life and movement.  To transform your breathing,                                                                    start with your exhalation , with "letting go".

Be sure to have the conversation which explores how breath work will be beneficial to YOU.