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​H O L I S T I C      W E L L N E S S    ​   S E S S I O N S       A N D      E D U C A T I O N 

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Dream Heart Services is located at  Saratoga Condominiums (Lassota Residence) All of the roadway within Saratoga is considered Astor Lane. 

Visitor/Guest parking is restricted to

UN-NUMBERED spaces along

Astor Lane and in the area at the

far western edge of the parking

site near the playground. 

Dream Heart Services- ​Holist Wellness sessions and education  intuitive ringnd more 

The DHS Mission includes:
Empowering YOU to live a fully conscious life with a sense of Body-Mind-Spirit balance.
Offering guidance and mentoring as to how to access the self-healing mechanisms in the body/mind/spirit with an emphasis on  stress reduction / relaxation Facilitating healing by offering sessions drawing on a variety of complimentary holistic wellness modalities including but not limited to:  

  • COMPASSIONATE TOUCH (especially for hospice patients and for the elderly and chronically ill) 
  • Range of HYPNOSIS offerings:  Learn self-hypnosis / Hypnosis for personal goals such as smoking cessation and weight management / Pre/post surgery hypnosis / Hypnosis for pain management / Hypnosis for self esteem improvement / Past life regression
  • MUNAY KI RITES of the Inka Shaman of the Peruvian Andes
  • Providing EDUCATION on a variety of metaphysical topics at the DHS home-office and thru Community Education District 214.  Also available for offsite classes and presentations

Congratulations on YOUR decision 

to explore how to live your best life. 
Know that you have a community of healers who support you as you perhaps explore            'things "new to you" or as you deepen and renew experiences that have already been part  of your personal "medicine bag".

As a Holistic Wellness practitioner/educator

                        I am at YOUR service:

Honoring where YOU are on YOUR life-path

  • Empowering YOU as YOU listen to YOUR Body-Mind-Spirit
  • Providing encouragement and companionship as support
  • Offering healing intuitive guidance should that be your need
  • Giving witness to YOU doing YOUR "work"
  • Providing personalized Holistic Wellness support

Recognizing Spirit in all creation- especially in you,
​​Christine Lassota

Reiki Master Teacher - Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotist,
Spiritual Mentor-Life Coach, Intuitive, Artist, Student of Life

This site is updated monthly to include something fresh and new.
Most recent update:May 20, 2018

Reiki Sessions, classes & More

Where to find Christine and other talented intuitive readers:
2018 Second Saturday Psychic Fest
and in months where there are 5 Saturdays on the Third Saturday of the month, 

Reiki session- What to expect:
The client is welcomed into the healing 
space and generally reclines on a 
massage table during the Reiki session.
The client is encouraged to wear loose fitting, 

HYPNOSIS All hypnosis is self-hypnosis...

Now available to the public ALSO- formerly only available to Christine's Hypnotherapy clients - "BE GENTLE WITH YOURSELF: 
Self-Hypnosis for Self-love / Self-acceptance"



Events & community outreach